A Palestinian family fights against occupation

Kim Bullimore Every Friday since December 2009, the residents of the small Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh have taken to their streets to protest against Israel’s ongoing occupation. Every Friday, they are met with violent repression from the Israeli military. On 28 August, an Israeli soldier once aga...CONTINUE READING

Settler violence a logical consequence of Israeli government policies

Kim Bullimore Eighteen-month-old Ali Dawabsha was burnt alive in the occupied West Bank on 31 July. Israeli settlers firebombed his family’s house at 2am. A week after Ali’s charred body was pulled from the home, his 30-year-old father Saad died from injuries sustained in the same attack. Both Saad and...CONTINUE READING

South Korean government cracks down on dissent

Kim Bullimore South Korean political activists Park Rae-gun and Kim Hye-jin were arrested on 14 July in a continuing crackdown on free speech and democratic rights by the right wing Park Geun-hye government. Park and Kim were arrested for organising “illegal” anti-government protests in April to mark th...CONTINUE READING

Attacks on homelands highlight Aboriginal homelessness

Kim Bullimore The Western Australian government’s proposed forced closure of up to 150 Aboriginal communities has again highlighted the issue of Aboriginal homelessness. Most of the communities targeted for closure are in the Kimberley region, which has the highest rate of homelessness in Australia. The...CONTINUE READING

From missions to homelands and back to assimilation

Kim Bullimore It was a cynical public relations exercise. Western Australian Liberal premier Colin Barnett and Aboriginal affairs minister Peter Collier on 7 May issued a media release announcing that Aboriginal people would finally be “consulted” about forced homelands closures. They explained that the...CONTINUE READING

Police attack ferry disaster protesters in South Korea

Kim Bullimore South Korean police on 16 April attacked a peaceful rally of more than 10,000 people in Seoul as they marked the one year anniversary of the Sewol Ferry disaster, which resulted in the deaths of 304 passengers, the majority of whom were high school students. The protest, led by grieving fa...CONTINUE READING

Recognise an assimilationist sham

Kim Bullimore The closure of 150 Aboriginal communities in Western Australia is just one more example that highlights the sham nature of the federally funded Recognise campaign. The campaign, which is part of the Reconciliation Australia program, seeks to win constitutional recognition for Aboriginal an...CONTINUE READING

You can’t ‘close the gap’ by cutting services

Kim Bullimore Tony Abbott says that he is on “a personal mission” to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people overcome disadvantage. Addressing parliament on 12 February, coinciding with the annual “Closing the Gap” report, which evaluates the progress being made in Aboriginal and Torres Strait...CONTINUE READING

Israel killing Palestinians ‘as a matter of policy’

Kim Bullimore Thousands of Palestinians attended the funeral of 19-year-old Ahmad Ibrahim al-Najjar from Burin village on 1 February. Al-Najjar was shot dead the previous day. He was the second Palestinian in the West Bank to be killed in January by Israel’s military. On 14 January, 17-year-old Osama Al...CONTINUE READING