What they can get away with is the only limit to Liberal bastardry

Sarah Garnham The media are preoccupied with the scintillating tale of the government filing cabinet full of classified documents that ended up in a second hand furniture sale. But the entire narrative is focused on national security, bureaucratic procedure, the identity of the person who handed the fil...CONTINUE READING

#MeToo proves need for structural change

Sarah Garnham #MeToo is sensational, gimmicky and mainly focused on Hollywood and other elite hierarchies, but much of what it has uncovered is recognisable to women everywhere. Sexual harassment, ranging from assault at the extreme through to everyday unwanted sexual attention, is both common and norma...CONTINUE READING

Summer reading suggestions

Sarah Garnham Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor’s 2016 book From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation is a must read this summer. Often books published in the midst of movements read like a mash-up of journalistic articles and blog posts. This book is cleverly crafted and politically serious, as well as being a...CONTINUE READING

Always will be

Sarah Garnham “It is my responsibility to bring our stories into the public domain, to hopefully connect and engage the audience with images through a black lens”, Barbara McGrady tells me at the opening of her photography exhibition “Always will be”. “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history from...CONTINUE READING

The heroism of Héritier Lumumba

Sarah Garnham “I arrived at this football club in 2004 as an 18-year-old from Perth with the name Harry O’Brien. And now in 2014, we find ourselves in a very interesting time, not only for this football club but for this whole world. The landscape is changing. And I know that if the Collingwood Football...CONTINUE READING

A special kind of justice for pro-Palestine student activists

Sarah Garnham The Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) has a reputation for smearing supporters of the Palestinians. AUJS is an avowedly Zionist organisation. Though it claims to welcome all Jewish students, its members must agree to “actively promot[e] the interests of Israel”. This is somethin...CONTINUE READING

A meeting of kings

Sarah Garnham French president Emmanuel Macron is very short. Like Napoleon. He is also very young. Like Napoleon. And Macron’s adoration for Napoleon is profound. He is the most king-like leader the French republic has ever had. So where better for Macron to take his guest of honour, Donald Trump, than...CONTINUE READING

Liberals propose new higher education attacks – it’s time for students to take to the streets again

Sarah Garnham Students are facing yet another attack from the federal government. If the Liberals pass their latest education package, announced Monday by education minister Simon Birmingham, fees will be increased and higher education funding will be slashed. The government has proposed a 7.5 percent f...CONTINUE READING

This election was not about sexism

Sarah Garnham Donald Trump is an unreconstructed misogynist and a threat to women’s rights. But it is outlandish to attribute the US election result to sexism. Attempts to do so are designed to excuse Clinton. Van Badham, who recently wrote a piece praising Clinton without qualification, wrote of her he...CONTINUE READING