The myths of Beersheba

Vashti Kenway The 100th anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba has been cause for great patriotic celebration among the Australian political elite and the mainstream media. The Battle, a little-remembered incident in the Middle Eastern theatre of the First World War, featured the Australian Light Horse...CONTINUE READING

How to beat the far right

Vashti Kenway Britain in the 1970s was a place of increasing political tensions. The economy was on a downswing and unemployment was rising. Racism towards migrants and the Afro-Caribbean population was being stoked by the government and was amplified by an increasingly confident far right. The main for...CONTINUE READING

Councils are right to ditch Australia Day

Vashti Kenway The decision by two Melbourne councils to stop referring to 26 January as Australia Day and to replace their usual citizenship ceremony with an event to mark the “loss of Indigenous culture” has prompted a swift conservative backlash. Representatives of the council declared the day to be o...CONTINUE READING

Fascist terrorism demands a world-wide response

Vashti Kenway On Friday night, hundreds of white supremacists and neo-Nazis marched through the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, with flaming torches. The scene was reminiscent of vengeful racist lynch mobs of past decades. They chanted “Blood and soil!”, “Jews don’t rule us” and “Heil Trump!” Some...CONTINUE READING

Chelsea Manning’s story should inspire us to fight for a better world

Vashti Kenway Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is a person of conscience and bravery who has withstood the most humiliating of punishments. If anyone can claim to have spoken truth to power and suffered the consequences, it’s her. From 2007 to 2009, Manning, an intelligence analyst for the US military, had...CONTINUE READING

From the parliament to the streets, Islamophobic abuse is a scourge

Vashti Kenway For many Muslims, abuse has become a predictable part of Australian life. A new study, commissioned by a number of universities, the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy of Australia and the Diversity Council of Australia, analysed 243 incidents reported to the Islamophobia Register betwe...CONTINUE READING

Heroes of the Palestinian resistance

Vashti Kenway In the occupied West Bank, the Tamimi family name is synonymous with Palestinian struggle. They are the mainstay of the protest movement in the village of Nabi Saleh, which has been battling against Israeli settlement building, occupation and water theft for decades. Mothers, brothers, unc...CONTINUE READING

The murky world of the alt-right

Vashti Kenway Donald Trump’s tweets offered us an insight into the megalomaniacal playground that is his psyche. But his retweets revealed something even more sinister: his connections to the white nationalist far right. During the presidential primaries, Trump retweeted @WhiteGenocideTM and another use...CONTINUE READING

If Australia’s far right were Muslims, they’d all be inside for life

Vashti Kenway Phillip Michael Galea is the first member of the far right to be arrested under federal anti-terror laws. Galea’s home was raided last year, and police discovered a bomb-making manual, tasers and mercury. Since then, police have been monitoring his phone conversations and claim to have gat...CONTINUE READING