Where does inequality come from, and how can we end it?

Tom Bramble The richest 1 percent of Australians own more wealth than the bottom 70 percent combined. Far from being the Lucky Country where equality abounds, Australia is in the top half of the most unequal societies in the 35-member Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the rich cou...CONTINUE READING

Gov’t takes from the poor, gives to the rich

Tom Bramble It’s often said that you can judge a society by how it treats its most vulnerable. If the Coalition government and big business get their way, the vulnerable are about to get screwed big time, while the rich walk away with money pouring out of their pockets. The Turnbull government is tryi...CONTINUE READING

Why Australia is an imperialist country

Tom Bramble The recent announcement by the Turnbull government of plans to set aside nearly $4 billion for Australia’s arms manufacturers and turn the country into a top 10 global arms exporter has pushed Australian militarism back into the spotlight. Despite its limited population and evident lack of...CONTINUE READING

The return of great power rivalry

Tom Bramble Two documents published by the US government in the past two months spell it out loud and clear: the US is on the warpath against emerging big power rivals China and Russia. The National Security Strategy and National Defense Strategy, released in December and January respectively, reflect...CONTINUE READING

Merchants of death to benefit from $3.6 billion government handout

Tom Bramble While practising cutbacks for working class Australians, the federal government has announced a torrent of cash for the merchants of death, otherwise known as Australia’s defence industry. The Turnbull government has allocated $3.6 billion to establish a Defence Export Facility to enable l...CONTINUE READING

Profits up, wages down: happy New Year

Tom Bramble Households across Australia are feeling the squeeze while the bosses continue to rake it in. For the first time since the deep recession of the early 1990s, when unemployment topped 10 percent, most household incomes have fallen. In September, household incomes were 2 percent lower than th...CONTINUE READING

Anatomy of a global union buster

Tom Bramble The company at the heart of the dispute at Webb Dock, Melbourne, has an international reputation for union busting and abuse of workers. International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) has gained a toe-hold in the Port of Melbourne from where it wants to expand, firmly establish its...CONTINUE READING

The crisis in neoliberalism and its ramifications

Tom Bramble The neoliberal model that has dominated mainstream politics and economics for decades is in crisis. Popular discontent with the austerity and inequality that have resulted from the imposition of neoliberal policies has become a major question in world politics, with Brexit, Sanders, Trump...CONTINUE READING

Paradise Papers reveal tax haven treasure trove

Tom Bramble Hard on the heels of last year’s Panama Papers leak, which exposed massive tax evasion by the world’s fat cats, a new mass leak of documents, named the Paradise Papers, has confirmed that the flagrant looting of national treasuries by the world’s 1% continues unabated. The leak of more tha...CONTINUE READING