Breaking unjust laws is a no-brainer

Tom Bramble Listen to the Coalition squeal like stuck pigs when the incoming ACTU secretary Sally McManus dares to state the bleeding obvious: unjust laws should be broken in the fight for social justice. Employment minister Michaelia Cash said that McManus’ comments were “outrageous”. Environment and...CONTINUE READING

The truth about the Iraq war

Tom Bramble President Trump and his cronies are masters of “alternative facts”. But they’re not the first. Fifteen years ago, the offices of president George W. Bush, British prime minister Tony Blair and Australian PM John Howard ran a sustained propaganda campaign to justify the pending invasion and...CONTINUE READING

Labor betrays women in Queensland

Tom Bramble Once again, Queensland’s politicians have squibbed the opportunity to decriminalise abortion. For more than 40 years, activists have been campaigning to remove sections 224 to 226 from the Criminal Code. They make women having an abortion, doctors performing one or anyone who assists a wom...CONTINUE READING

Fair Work and the horrible history of arbitration

Tom Bramble The cuts to penalty rates by the Fair Work Commission are not the first anti-working class decisions taken by this body and they won’t be the last. The Fair Work Commission and its predecessor organisations have for more than a century attacked workers’ wages, undermined conditions of empl...CONTINUE READING

From social justice champion to huckster for the banks

Tom Bramble Australia’s big banks stink to high heaven. Their mega-profits and sky-high CEO salaries have been funded by every kind of corrupt practice – ripping off the elderly and vulnerable, forcing people out of their homes, foreclosing on farms and small businesses, and denying the dying vital li...CONTINUE READING

Trump’s China aggression drawing Australia closer to war

Tom Bramble The Trump administration appears set on a confrontation with China sooner rather than later, and the Turnbull government has given every indication that it will be riding shotgun with the US when that happens. These are dangerous times. Even before Trump was elected, he had made clear his...CONTINUE READING

Turnbull slapped down – but Australia leads the US in refugee torture

Tom Bramble The humiliation is total. Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t just have egg on his face he’s got the whole bloody omelette. While other world leaders have been doing their best to distance themselves from the right wing lunatic now in charge of the White House, Australia’s prime minister and his cabi...CONTINUE READING

Snouts at the trough – again

Tom Bramble High-ranking Liberal politicians who lecture the rest of us on the need to tighten our belts have been swanning around the country, buying investment properties, attending polo matches, dining in five-star restaurants, and watching the AFL grand final from the comfort of corporate boxes, a...CONTINUE READING

The state of the world economy

Tom Bramble Gyrations on international stock markets, over fears that the US Federal Reserve Bank might soon raise interest rates, remind us that all is not well in the global economy. The recent turbulence in equity prices comes after several months of share market recovery, following prices around t...CONTINUE READING