Anatomy of a global union buster

Tom Bramble The company at the heart of the dispute at Webb Dock, Melbourne, has an international reputation for union busting and abuse of workers. International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) has gained a toe-hold in the Port of Melbourne from where it wants to expand, firmly establish its...CONTINUE READING

The crisis in neoliberalism and its ramifications

Tom Bramble The neoliberal model that has dominated mainstream politics and economics for decades is in crisis. Popular discontent with the austerity and inequality that have resulted from the imposition of neoliberal policies has become a major question in world politics, with Brexit, Sanders, Trump...CONTINUE READING

Paradise Papers reveal tax haven treasure trove

Tom Bramble Hard on the heels of last year’s Panama Papers leak, which exposed massive tax evasion by the world’s fat cats, a new mass leak of documents, named the Paradise Papers, has confirmed that the flagrant looting of national treasuries by the world’s 1% continues unabated. The leak of more tha...CONTINUE READING

Ownership law changes spark media merger frenzy

Tom Bramble Australia has for many years had one of the most monopolised media sectors in the world. Eighty percent of newspaper circulation in the capital cities is controlled by just two companies – NewsCorp, owned by Rupert Murdoch, and Fairfax. This means that print news consumption is almost enti...CONTINUE READING

Socialism for the rich

Tom Bramble The Liberals love to say that they’re the party of private enterprise and that free markets must rule. In the name of capitalist efficiency and consumer choice, essential infrastructure has been sold off to private owners over the last decades. And a range of businesses now provide basic i...CONTINUE READING

A history of the nuclear arms race

Tom Bramble For seven decades, the world has been on the edge of a nuclear precipice. The United States and the Soviet Union each had at their disposal a massive array of aircraft, submarines and land-based missile launchers that were ready to fire a barrage of nuclear weapons that could, in a single...CONTINUE READING

Why class struggle matters

Tom Bramble There is general agreement that the inexorable rise in inequality, Scott Morrison’s denials notwithstanding, has something to do with government policies over the past quarter of a century. Everyone from the IMF’s Christine Lagarde to ALP leader Bill Shorten agrees on that. But it’s more t...CONTINUE READING

Super rich rip off tax office, accumulate more loot

Tom Bramble “Behind every great fortune there is a great crime”, 19th century French novelist Honoré de Balzac is supposed to have written. Two centuries later, this same precept applies. An international university research team based in Norway has just published its finding that the super rich syste...CONTINUE READING

You know we’re in trouble when the Reserve Bank sounds Bolshie on wages

Tom Bramble After decades of alarms by bosses, central bankers and conservative politicians that even the smallest increase in wages is about to develop into a full-scale “wages breakout” driving the economy to ruin, the very same people are now lining up to lament the fact that wages are now growing...CONTINUE READING