Passing of Archbishop Tutu
Tom Bramble

Desmond Tutu’s life was one of struggle against injustice. The politicians who line up to laud him today are not fit to wipe his feet.

Sudan resisting a coup
Emma Dynes

“A sense of relief” is how Sudanese political activist Muzan Alneel, speaking via Zoom from the capital, Khartoum, describes the mood on the streets of Sudan in the first hours of the coup on 25 October. “I remember seeing people come into the street singing, like they’re singing against the coup and they’re singing against [coup leader General] Burhan, but they’re singing”, she says.

Jacob Zuma’s jailing shows up South African government’s failures after end of apartheid
Jacob Zuma’s jailing
Charlie Kimber

Forty minutes before midnight on 7 July, Jacob Zuma’s motorcade sped out of his mansion to hand himself into custody. It is the latest step downwards for the former South African president.

South African government response to COVID-19 crisis: profits matter more than workers’ lives
South African government response to COVID-19 crisis: profits matter more than workers’ lives
Ashley Fataar

The South African working class is being ravaged. Government figures record thousands of infections and hundreds of deaths per day from COVID-19. In late March, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a national lockdown to contain the virus. But as restrictions were eased on 1 May and again on 1 June, the case numbers began to soar. At almost 600,000 cases, the country now has the fifth-highest number of recorded infections in the world.

The US is divided, but its elites are united against China
Eleanor Morley

Tensions between the United States and China are escalating rapidly. The ongoing rift between the world’s two largest powers has intensified during the COVID-19 crisis, as both countries jostle for position in a rapidly changing political climate. There is a growing consensus among the US ruling elite for a hardline approach to China’s rapid rise. A new White House report outlining a more aggressive stance, which may prove to be the most significant foreign policy document since 9/11, has been co-signed by every relevant federal department.

The economic crash is already ravaging Africa
Ben Hillier

Sub-Saharan Africa is facing its greatest crisis in generations. The continent thus far has been less affected by the pandemic than other parts of the world. But the impact of the global economic crisis is already enormous.

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